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Design og Konstruktion - Fra ide til færdigt produkt


CAD Design

APC´s partner offer a fully comprehensive design service allowing us to take your vision all the way from conception to production. If you have an idea for a product, part, game or whatever you want to create you can discuss this with our dedicated design team. Our highly skilled and qualified designers can take your idea and bring it to life with a fully rendered 3D CAD design. At this stage you can see a 3D representation of your idea allowing you to better visualize the finished product and make any changes you desire prior to prototyping and manufacture.

Project Management

APC´s partner are dedicated to providing the most complete customer service possible. Somebody will be assigned to personally deal with each new project we take on board and they will carefully plan, manage and organize the project from start to finish. Our dedicated customer service team will constantly liaise with the client, they will always be on hand to answer any questions, provide feedback to the client and to make certain the project is on schedule and the result surpasses customer expectations.

APC´s partner are an industry leading prototyping and manufacturing company. The extent and range of our capabilities is vast and our experience and dedication to producing the best guarantees our work is of the highest quality. We can manufacture products in a wide range of materials including; plastics, metals, rubbers and electronic componants. Our dedication to outstanding customer service ensures close communication between us and the factory throughout so constant updates be relayed to our clients.

Quality Control

APC´s partner have numerous measures in place to ensure our products meet and exceed our client’s requirements and expectations. We provide a 3 stage quality inspection check;

l first after the part has been machined it is checked against the drawing specifications,

l second before and after the finishing department has painted and polished the part it is inspected

l finally the manager will personally check the products before they are packaged and sent for shipping.

We are also happy to work according to the level of QC our customers require, this could be: single, multiple or pre-shipping inspections, raw material testing/inspection or start to finish quality control. Constant updates will be relayed to the customers via their dedicated customer service representative.

Prototype and Machining Equipments

Equipment Specification(mm) Qty Producing area
CNC 1800*900*600 2 sets Taiwan
1100*600*500 18 sets Taiwan
600*350*400 8 sets Taiwan
SLA 450*450*300 1 set China
Vacuum Casting 900*1200*1000 2 sets China
Milling Machine 1000*650*600 2 sets China
Lathe 320mm*1M 2 sets China
Injection Curtain Cabinet 2 sets China
3-Coordinate Measuring Instrument 1 set China
UV Machine 1 set China
Silk Print Machine 3 sets China

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F10 F11 F12
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