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CNC bearbejdning



APC´s partner  have over 30 industry leading CNC machines. These top quality machines work by processing 3D CAD data. CNC can be used to produce machined parts and prototypes very quickly, at a high production rate and to a high degree of accuracy.
P1CNC machines are able to work with a great many different materials including; plastics (ABS, Polyurethane, and Polypropylene etc.), metals (Copper, Aluminium etc) wood and other specialist materials.
There are a number of benefits to using CNC from the wide variety of materials available, the strength and accuracy of the finished product, the materials used are strong and durable therefore very good for testing and CNC processing process is relatively cheap.
We are able to offer some of the highest quality CNC machined products at very
competitive prices.
Our CNC machines have a maximum size capacity of 1800mm×900mm×450mm per item.

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