Tilbage Design CNC SLS Vacuum-Casting

SLA Modeller



SLA is a rapid prototyping process that creates a model from 3D data using a process known as stereolithogrphy. The machine builds parts one layer at a time using a highly accurate UV laser to solidify one layer of photosensitive resin at a time. SLA machines apply layer thickness so precisely the tolerance can be controlled to ±0.05mm. Once all layers of the part are complete it is baked in a UV oven to be cured. Our SLA machines utilise the most advanced laser technologies producing parts with high accuracy and an excellent surface finish.
The benefits of using SLA are; the process is extremely accurate, SLA can be used to create very complex and it is a very quick process.

The machines can process maximum size 450mmx450mmx350mm per item.

The most common material we use is a photosensitive resin which when cured is very similar to ABS. We can use other materials dependent on customers requirements.
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